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Message from the CEO.

Toru Hoshi CEO

Toru Hoshi

Chief Executive Officer

Environment of sewer in Tokyo.

There're 13 million people living in Tokyo the capital of Japan. The sewer system of Tokyo has a history of more than 100 years and the construction speedup in the 1960's. In 1995 the penetration rate reached 100% and the total extention of sewer pipes is 16000km. In the next 20 years Tokyo is planning to expand the life span of 8900km's of existing sewer pipes for more 50 years. With the speed of aging pipes is progressing need for maintenance has increased.

Toru Hoshi CEO

History of Showa Kogyo and vision of the future.

Showa Kogyo established in 1962. From the start we're engaged in protecting Tokyo's sewage system. In this 50 years of dedication and adaptability to new restoration systems of sewer pipes have made us specialists in survay, inspection, cleaning and civil engineering work. Especially SPR method is a way of renewing old pipes without excavating and it's going to be the main way of renewing aging sewer pipes and have great expectaions.

Toru Hoshi CEO Toru Hoshi CEO

To all foreign applicants.

I agree with the purpose of contributing to the development of developing countries and started accepting foreign technical interns from 1992. Since we have produced many graduates so far. Recruitment of engineers began in 2003. In order to work and live easier we provide dormitory accomadation balanced lunch and dinner and a salary equal to Japanese engineers. In Japan, the declining birthrate and the aging of society progresses and the number of workers decreases, it is necessary to accept exellent talent from overseas and stabilize domestic business. At the same time, we can lay the foundation for expanding our business abroad and expect new developments in the future. We'll continue to support and develop the infrastructure of Tokyo and the world with young people. I'm waiting for your enthusiastic entries.

Job Description To learn latest sewer maintenance technology and construction management and aqure national qualification. Work as a construction manager in the future.
Type of industry Technical.
Duties Construction management.
Work location Arakawa ku, Tokyo
(8 minutes walk from Minami Senju station)
Employment status Regular employee.
Wages and
various allowances
Bachelor degree (¥210,000)
Associate degree (¥195,000)
(Bachelor dormitory, Transportaion expences, and Bonus)
Working hours 8:00~17:00
20:00~5:00 (Night shift)
Holidays 105 days annually.
Welfare system Employment insurance, Workers compensation, Health insurance, Welfare pension, Retirement payment.
Language skills Japanese proficiancy level 3 (N3). (English if possible)
Required license None.
University graduates.
Prospective graduates in 2019.
Number of recruits 2 Persons
Planned starting date 2019
Contact information
Company name SHOWA KOGYO CO.,LTD
Location 1-23-10 Hashiba, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone +81-3-5810-6800
Fax +81-3-5810-6899
Home Page
Number of
53 Employees including subsidary companies.
Number of
foreign nationals
6 Vietnamese.
7 Philipinos.
1 Sri Lankan.
Capital ¥20,000,000.
Type of industry Construction.
Business contents Public sewer maintenance and construction.
Other special notices Authorizations from Tokyo metro (Civil engineering works, Scafolding, Excavating, Paving, Water facility works)

from an employee

I am Cary Gran F. Gregory a Registered Mechanical Engineer. 35 years of age with a wife and a son now living together in Japan. I came to Japan in 2013 in search of a challenging career. Now working at Showa Kogyo who is working on Civil Works for the government projects. Mainly the projects are renovation of sewage pipes. With the companys training I learned and developed my skills specially critical thinking and reasoning. The first year of my career here was quite tough and its just normal just like when you got a new job. You have to learn, adjust and adopt on everything here in Japan. For me it was a challenging part for me to achieve but I DID IT not fully a 100% to say but still an on going process. I learned tradition , customs and ate delicious food here in Japan. Even I earned a Level 3 Japanese Language Proficiency Cerificate. Having to adopt yourself here in Japan you can learn easily how to work with japanese people and will know how dedicated they are at work.
Join me if and only if you can accept and believe in yourself that you can do the same also.

from an employee

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